Angela Bassett’s initial reaction to not winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has hit a chord with social media.

The moment of Bassett‘s apparent palpable sadness at losing out to Everything Everywhere All At Once‘s Jamie Lee Curtis in the category made some online feel like she wasn’t being grateful enough for the opportunity or congratulatory enough for Curtis’ win.

One Tweeter said according to Buzzfeed, “Regardless of who you think should’ve won, it was poor on Angela Bassett’s part to just sit there miserably when Jamie won and not be happy for her. Had Angela won, Jamie would’ve been clapping for her. She knew very well her reaction was being played on live television.

But others were quick to gather those dissenters to remind them that Black women don’t need to be emotionless for them to be accepted by others.

“There have been many times our black celebs @ the Oscars have been cheering on their white celebs who have won and our black celebs have been gracious about it, but it comes 2 a time when we get tired & we want 2 just show our disappointment & there’s nothing wrong with that,” wrote another commenter.

“WE don’t have to keep shucking/jiving when we know we are being overlooked, unjustly I might add,” wrote another. “Love Jamie Lee Curits as well tbh BUT her acting DEFINITELY in the role was NOT BETTER than Angela Bassett in hers/ the entire world knows it. Back up [off] our beloved Auntie!”

Another dissenter wrote on Twitter in part, ” Angela Bassett is one of my favorite actors. However, I did not like her reaction to not winning. It made her look unprofessional and sour. I was disappointed by her not winning, but more disappointed by her reaction.”

The responses to this tweet were also of the gathering variety, with one commenter writing, “Y’all make me so damn sick with telling someone how they should react when being disappointed. You saw ONE SECOND and the camera cut to Jamie. Why must women, esp black women, [have] to always show grace!? She’s human! She was robbed!!! She waited 30 YEARS for another nomination smh”

“Everyone is entitled to be their authentic self as a human being,” wrote another responder. “Ms Bassett was disappointed. She showed it. She did applaud Ms. Curtis’s win afterwards. No one knows how they’d react in the same situation. At least she wasn’t being fake about it & showed her true feelings.”

Commenters on both threads also called out how no one is talking about The Banshees of Inisherin star Kerry Condon also being visibly disappointed, making the issues seem even more about race. As one commenter wrote, “Kerry Condon also showed disappointment. Why isn’t she under scrutiny? Hmmm.”

“Silent disappoint[ment] doesn’t equate to rudeness,” wrote another Tweeter. “Also, everyone wants to talk about Angela Bassett’s reaction & yet they ignore Kerry Condon literally mouthing the words ‘WTF’ when Jamie Lee Curtis’ name was called. Double standards.”

Overall, Bassett’s response garnered a host of support and commiseration from fans, especially Black women.

“Angela Bassett’s reaction was perfect. [Zora Neale] Hurston wrote ‘if you’re silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it.'” a fan wrote on Twitter. “Angela was snubbed. Again. Black women are regularly overworked, underpaid, devalued, disrespected & Ignored. Tonight that pain was palpable. Good.”

“Angela Bassett should’ve won #Oscars I’m glad she didn’t fake a reaction to entertain idiots telling us how a Black woman should handle Hollywood once again throwing awards at White women,” wrote another. “I like Jamie Lee Curtis but she didn’t outperform Angela Basset or Stephanie Hsu.”

Overall, the internet gave Bassett a collective “Hey Auntie, we love you” in the vein of Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors in response to the haters and, of course, to that painful Oscars snub.