CNN’s Isha Sesay sits down with Angolan actor Hoji Fortuna to discuss his career, and his award-winning performance as the menacing César hellbent on recouping his gasoline booty in Djo Tunda Wa Munga’s Viva Riva!.

Hoji’s IMDB page shows that, in his relatively short career, he’s done a lot of TV work in Portugal, with parts in some USA indie films. His role in Viva Riva is his most plump yet, and has provided him with more visibility than any of his previous parts.

Upcoming, he’s listed in the cast of Hal Hartley’s next film, titled Meanwhile, which is currently in production.

So, he’s someone to look out for in coming years…

And, by the way, after 1 week in release in just 3 theaters nationwide, as of June 16th, last week Thursday, Viva Riva has made $15,823. It was released in 2 more regions on Friday – Culver City in CA, and Seattle, WA. But I don’t have the new figures.

This week, it’ll expand to Philly, San Francisco, Washington, and Berkeley, CA., with plans to continue expansion through August. So, it may be coming to a theater near you if you haven’t yet been able to see it.