About 10 days ago, the viral campaign for The Dark Knight Rises (the third installment in Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise, currently shooting) began, with a live website (HERE), and a puzzle which, after it was solved, lead to the eventually unveiling of a photo of Tom hardy as Bane – one of the film’s villains.

Today, we’ve got a series of videos which belong to a YouTube user whose name, The Fire Rises, is exactly the same name of the Twitter account username that led to the above revelation of Tom Hardy as Bane. Also, the videos use the same looped sound file found on the website where the above image resides.

So, can we assume this is all connected? *Shrug*

The 3 videos show what looks like a revolt and eventual breakout at Arkham Asylum, home for many of Batman’s captured. A little digging revealed to me that, in the comic books, Bane breaks through Arkham’s walls and frees its inmates, so maybe that’s the storyline these videos show? Again, *shrug*,

The Dark Knight Rises , which sees stars Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman and others returning, is currently in production, scheduled for a summer 2012 release.

I’ll let you watch the clips below and judge for yourselves, and all you code crackers can get to work :):