nullI don't know about you, but I'm getting the queasy feeling that this new TLC reality show is going to be all kinds of ratchet.

I'm talking about their new reality show Best Funeral Ever which premieres this Sunday on the network. The program was originally supposed to premiere on Dec. 26, but the network pushed back the premiere because they thought it was in bad taste to premiere the show so soon after the Sandy Hook shootings – as if that was going to help.

The show chronicles the wacky going-ons at the black owned Golden Gate Funeral Home in Dallas, and, already, according to the description of one funeral seen on the show, it's going to be something quite special.

In one episode you'll get to see a funeral where "the casket's shaped like an oversized grill used for smoking meat and the pallbearers are wearing crisp white aprons and chef's hats. Live pigs squeal and run amok, while a fountain spits barbeque sauce instead of chocolate, perfect for dipping freashly cooked ribs."

I'm telling you, ratchet with a captial R. Maybe Soledad O'Brien should have covered it in one of her Black in America specials. 

Here's the promo for the show: