A crucial reason why viewers and critics consider the FX comedy-drama Atlanta one of television’s best series is the writing. A considerable part of that is due to Stephen Glover, Donald Glover’s younger brother who helps write and produce the Emmy-winning dramedy. Through his work, Glover brews compelling alchemy of comedy and drama that serves as both a benchmark for black artistic excellence and a mirror for real-world issues. Being an Atlanta native, it comes as no surprise that Glover’s experience lends the show a particular specificity that plays a crucial role in its mass appeal. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Glover discussed what it was like shooting the iconic “Teddy Perkins” episode, the show’s unprecedented 13 Emmy nominations and promised that the show’s third season would be even bigger and weirder than the second.

“That episode was so weird because we were shooting in this mansion. It was so creepy and old,” Glover said of the “Teddy Perkins” episode, a tentative yet disturbing meditation on how black fatherhood can be tied intrinsically to black excellence. “Video village was up in the attic of the house, and everybody’s being very quiet on set, too, because everything creaks and moves — so it was dead silent in there.”

The writer and producer also revealed his favorite line of dialogue, pointing out a hilarious scene with Paper Boi and Bibby at a barbershop that involves a lot of hijinks and miscommunication. “Alfred thinks he’s talking to him, but he’s on the phone, then Bibby is talking to him — he can’t tell because he has a Bluetooth phone,” Glover said. “Alfred is like, “I have somewhere to be,” and Bibby’s like, “What are you hanging around for, don’t you have somewhere to be?” and Al’s like, “Yes! I already told you that!” It’s very Atlanta and very specific to my life.”