Rayna Lindsey has not been quiet about her experience on Below Deck. She has been vocal and called out fellow castmates as well as producers of the show for how they handled Heather Chase and her use of the n-word.

Lindsey had been festering since Heather Chase’s use of the word. To make matters worse, the entire ordeal appeared to be swept under the rug without any real accountability. Chase (literally) fell to her knees asking for forgiveness and the controversy would later result in a rift between Lindsey and Wes O’Dell, the only other Black cast member.

Lindsey appeared on Saynomo Podcast where she set the record straight wishing nothing, but the best to her castmates.

She also claimed the show had her “ looking like a villain.”

“They just had me looking like this upset all the time,” she said, as reported by Reality Blurb. “They just show reactions. They don’t show no action on why I am reacting the way I am acting.”

She addressed the situation with Chase, saying she wished her “nothing but the best” and said the situation happened because Chase was “so young.” She then gave well wishes to O’Dell.

Lindsey also detailed she removed comments from her social media in an effort to not deal with the Karens.

In a separate interview, O’Dell detailed the incident. The “not black enough” insult surprised O’Dell.

“ I was more taken aback that I felt in that situation being the only two Black people on the yacht and in a very non-diverse industry, yachting, sailing – anything with boats,” he said on the Gangplank Report podcast. I thought I was that confidante or that friend she could rely on and would be able to talk to. And that’s why I talked to her and said, ‘Let’s stop this. Quit it.’ Tried to end all of that stuff on our last night out. I thought my words would get through to her. And she would understand it.”