Bravo’s reality stars have been at the forefront of much drama, and a lot of it has been related to race relations.

A RHOSLC star has been fired for resurfacing previous social media and RHOP star Candiace Dillard Bassett has been baffled by what she says is the double standard between the way Black cast members are treated in tough situations versus cast members who are not of color.

Now, earlier drama from Below Deck has come back and one of its stars isn’t over it. 

She was called a racial slur by another co-star

Drama between the cast came to a head during Season 9 of the show. Lindsey was called the N-word by Heather Chase.

She eventually apologized (and literally fell to her knees for forgiveness) but things didn’t go away. Since then, Lindsey has been vocal about her issues with the show, the platform and how everything was handled. 

Now she wants the show to be canceled. In a recent social media post, Lindsey is speaking more about her desire for the show to be off air together.

She posted a series of messages on her Instagram story.

“Take away the show for good @belowdeckbravo,” she wrote, as reported by Monsters and Critics. “These Karen’s don’t deserve s**t. Like as a Black woman I’ve never in my life been racists or prejudice. Like Mf’s is proud of being racists. God know he just letting them run off the deep end. Mf’s got no ancestors or spirit guides helping them just the blind leading the blind chile.”

She added, “Biggest reason why @belowdeckbravo needs to be cancelled. It’s a platform for open racists to speak freely. MF’s act like rats in real life tho. These platforms are why racism is still here till t[h]is day. Eddie is going to h**l! And f**k production for making me look crazy all season. Imagine being me having to deal with this but it being hidden all season.”

Speaking about the production company, she ended the posts by saying, “If 51 Minds would’ve been in charge of that reunion, everything about Eddie would’ve been covered up. But Andy knows what’s up Period! And I appreciate that.”

Lindsey also promises to write a tell-all. It’s unclear when she plans to release it.

Catch a 'Watch What Happens Live' clip with Lindsey below: