Pamela Long got a resurgence after appearing on the first season of BET’s The Encore. The Total member opted not to continue as part of the newly formed group Bluprint in favor of a career in gospel music. Now, the singer is addressing claims she made in a book that she admits are untrue.

Her apology

Long penned a book in 2019 titled Total Exposure: Pieces of Me. In the book, she spoke about her marriage, her past experiences with her sexuality and drugs and alcohol, and her transition to becoming a born-again Christian. The singer shared video to Instagram where she says certain things in the book are not true, while she doesn’t go into detail. However, she says as a Christian, it’s important for her to clear things up.

Check out the video below:


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Long spoke to S&A Unscripted about 'The Encore' in 2021

She and Kiely Williams talked about wanting to be of service and not necessarily caring to be in the forefront of the group.

Long kept herself in tact by leaning on her faith. “I saturate myself in prayer because it works,” she says. “Because I need it because if I’m not good, then how can I be good to everyone else around me?”

She continued:

“Kiely did amazing…she plays it real cool though. I had like three left feet and I was like, ‘Kiely, can you please help me?’ I was blown away. She ain’t even [rehearse the steps]. All she did was stand there, watch and look, and the next thing you know she was doing it. And doing it in a boss up fashion, just going.”