Beverly Johnson is not fearful of speaking up for what’s right. She famously came forward during the Bill Cosby scandal and told her account of the disgraced comedian drugging her with the intention of sexually assaulting her. Though she made it out, she’s been an advocate for other women. 

Now, court proceedings of Johnson against her ex, actor Chris Noth, have resurfaced amid Noth’s recent sexual assault scandal. Noth and Johnson were in a longtime relationship and she accused him of domestic abuse.

Beverly Johnson’s accusations against her ex

Noth and Johnson dated from 1990 to 1995. The supermodel, now 69, alleged in court documents after their split that North “beat her” throughout their relationship. She also claimed that he made death threats against her while calling her “25 times a day,” threatened to disfigure her, and even “vowed to kill her dog.” The expose came in an article from the National Inquirer, the Daily Mail reports. 

At the time, the Inquirer reported that Johnson told a friend, “I’ve never been so frightened in my life. I just can’t believe that someone who had once been so tender and sweet could turn into this raging wild man.” She reportedly tried to get a restraining order against Noth, who was starring in the role of Detective Mike Logan on Law & Order at the time, and denied Johnson’s claims.

No criminal charges were ever filed against Noth. Despite such, the report detailed harrowing accounts of abuse from alleged witnesses, with one claiming Noth “exhibited a vicious streak” during his relationship with Johnson. “Christopher was jealous if Beverly spoke to another man,” the source said. “He would fly into rages and accuse her of flirting. Eventually, the verbal assaults turned to physical abuse.” 

That same source referred to a 1991 incident when they claim Noth “hit [Johnson] in the face with his fist over and over” after they returned from a party. “In 1991, on the way back from a party in New York, Christopher was seething,” the source claimed. Upon their arrival home, Noth began accusing Johnson of cheating and things escalated from there.

“He hit Beverly in the face with his fist over and over,” the source said. “Beverly fell to the floor crying, trying to crawl away. Noth came to his senses, apologized and assured her he’d never touch [Johnson] in anger again.” 

But the abuse allegedly continued. Johnson allegedly broke up with Noth in February 1993 but they reconciled and dated until 1995 until their final split.

Chris Noth faces new abuse allegations

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news this week Noth has been accused by two women of sexual assault. The two alleged incidents by the women who go by the aliases Lily and Zoe, are separately accusing Noth of sexual assault in the 2000s and 2010s.

The women do not know one another and reportedly approached the publication separately. Their reason for coming forward is said to be due to Noth being featuring prominently in the media following the much-hyped release of the Sex in the City reboot.

Noth denies the allegations. ​​”The accusations against me made by individuals I met years, even decades, ago are categorically false,” he said in a statement to THR per his representative.