Big Brother viewers are taking the show to task as footage consisting of houseguest Kyle Capener wanting to form an all-white alliance, among other things, have not been aired.

Newsweek reports that the show’s editors are being blamed for the show’s alleged protection of Capener, leading to fans to make “Stop Protecting Kyle” a trending topic. The producers were accused of “hiding Kyle’s racism” and the contestant has been called “KKKyle” by viewers annoyed with his antics in the house. In particular, a Twitter user described Capener in-house strategy as forming a “silent majority” of white players “because he wrongly assumes the [people of color] are working together. He’s called them loud bullies, and felt ‘jumped’ talking to them. He also said Turner [Matt Turner] in a bucket hat looks like a Filipino rice farmer.”

Other viewers have written online how it feels Capener is specifically targeting non-white players in the house, with one viewer writing:

“Wow!!! KKKyle now explicitly saying that he wants to target all of the racial/ethnic minorities in the house and his biggest fear is them uniting against him. Wants to align with Michael [Bruner], Brittany [Hoopes], Alyssa [Snider] and himself.”

Bruner and Hoopes have also been called out for agreeing with some of Capener's sentiments, even though the three of them helped form the seven-person The Leftovers alliance as a response to the bullying of Black houseguest, Taylor Hale.

Fans believe the show is making the non-white housemates look bad by showing their less-than-favorable moments in the house while hiding Capener’s “micro-aggressions.” One viewer wrote, “CBS was quick to show Taylor [Hale] saying over and over she won’t put up a black woman which caused the causals to call her racist. But they refuse to show the actual racist Kyle and what he has been saying for weeks.”

Former Big Brother star Janelle Pierzina also tweeted about Capener, writing before deleting, “He only lasts 10 seconds, […], I’ve seen proof of his racism and is 29 and still lives with his parents. Cancel this guy already.” While she deleted the tweet because she incorrectly repeated an accusation that he had said the N-word, she wrote she was “still over Kyle.”

Several Twitter users are also creating threads allegedly showing Capener's past racist behavior before he ever entered the Big Brother house, and The Cookout, the legendary alliance from Big Brother season 23, have called out the tactics used in the house, particularly regarding the bullying Hale has endured in the house.

Xavier Prather, who won the grand prize due to his alliance in the Cookout, wrote in part online, “Members of the black community (especially black women) and other people of color stand no chance in the Big Brother House due to perpetuation of micro-aggressions and unconscious biases which plague our society.”

“I acknowledge my shortcomings during my time on Big Brother and can’t help but feel partially responsible for some of the reprehensible behavior I see being exhibited by current houseguests who consider me one of their ‘favorites,'” he continued. “For that, I’d like to apologize for being an accessory to any ongoing issues.”

So far, CBS and the Big Brother producers have yet to comment on the issue.

Instead, the Big Brother team seems to be willing to talk about regarding Capener and his “showmance” with Snider.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, host Julie Chen said she is rooting for their showmance and doesn’t believe it will sabotage their chances of winning.

“I don’t think so because they are very unassuming and well-liked in their own alliances,” she said. “They are like the hot comp beast physical treat couple. I am rooting for their relationship to last outside the house!”