With tonight’s premiere of the final season of The Closer, yet another great cast that includes wonderful Black leads will be on the air for the summer. The Closer is one of those rare shows that with Corey Reynolds, Robert Gossett, in past seasons Gina Ravera, and now Courtney B. Vance (in a recurring role) as the new chief-of-police, has more than one or at least significant African-American cast members that are allowed to shine despite such strong leads.

Another great show in that category has its season premiere tonight as well and that’s Eureka – which I sadly have fallen off from watching but you shouldn’t! With Joe Morton, Salli Richardson-Whitfield & Tembi Locke (Sliders, Windfall) it has an even better known and strong Black cast and is definitely worth watching. Eureka airs tonight at 8pm on SyFy.

Then of course there is Jada Pinkett Smith in Hawthorne. Do you sense the trepidation in my mentioning of it? I like Jada, but could never get into the show. Maybe I just don’t like nurses because Nurse Jackie just doesn’t do it for me either, but at least that has better writing. There may be a few shows I’m forgetting, tough I already wrote about Mpho Koaho in Falling Skies two Sunday’s ago.

I wrote about a bunch of other noteworthy shows here last summer, and here are a list of those and some others, new and existing, for you to peep:

Franklin & Bash (Wednesdays at 9pm on TNT)
Garcelle Beauvais and Dana Davis

Rescue Me (new & final season starts 7/13 at 10pm on FX)
Larenz Tate & Daniel Sunjata

Leverage (Sundays at 9pm on TNT)
Aldis Hodge

Rizzoli & Isles (also premiers tonight at 10pm on TNT)
Lee Thompson Young

Then there is Gina Torres in Suits and Coby Bell in Burn Notice (Thursdays at 10pm and 9pm, respectively, on USA) but they don’t get too much shine on their shows, though Coby used to. Yet, they are good when they’re there, and the shows are good overall, so if you’re in the mood, take a gander.

There’s a decent amount of Black talent, if not Black tv shows, coming this Fall. Stay tuned for some spotlights on those.