The latest details on T.D. Jakes‘ new film On the Seventh Day, currently in post-production and directed by Neema Barnette, come from Fox 8 Live. Blair Underwood plays David Ames, a university professor desperately searching for his kidnapped six-year old daughter.

Underwood gave some insight into the film’s plot. “We learn that the serial killer is kidnapping children and he’s killing them on the 7th day so its a race against time to find our daughter before the 7th day”, said Underwood, who also commented on the New Orleans location of the film, “If the place was Virginia or California, it would be a BBQ. This time its crawfish poured down on the table so you know, it finds itself into the script.”

His wife, Kari Ames, is played by Sharon Leal. Pam Grier will play detective Barrick, who searches for their daughter in the bayou. Nicole Beharie plays Beth Hutchins. We have yet to find out what her character entails.

This plot sounds very intriguing. I definitely look forward to this film! I’m also loving the New Orleans setting.

On the Seventh Day, written by Jakes and Cory Tynan, finished shooting on August 6th this month. According to Fox 8, the film should be released in theaters across the country in the spring of 2012.

Stay tuned for updates.