BMF star and rapper Kash Doll is coming to the defense of co-star La La Anthony’s portrayal of Markisha Taylor after fans–and the character’s alleged inspiration– call out the character for being sexually inappropriate.

In the series, Markisha is in a relationship with Terry Flenory (Da’Vinchi) despite Terry still being in high school. According to TMZ, fans are frustrated with the character because of the fact that the character is predatorily engaging with an underage person. As one person wrote on Twitter, “So we just gonna breeze by [Anthony’s character] on BMF being a child predator? Lol.”

Kash Doll said to TMZ Hip Hop that the show explains that some of the series isn’t actually what really happened. As the disclaimer states, “The story you’re about to see is loosely based on truth. Some of the names, characters, businesses, and events have been fictionalized for dramatic purposes. But a lot of this s**t may have actually happened.”

Back in February, Black Mafia Family first lady Tonesa Welch hit back at the character Markisha because of how it portrays her as being in a relationship with Terry despite his character still being in high school.

As she wrote on Instagram, according to The Jasmine Brand, “WTF who wrote this part of the Story. [Terry] 17 I’m 26 years my husband a [kingpin] but I’m having sex with a 17 year old who’s supposedly still in high school. So before [Terry] goes on the run he comes to my job, its close for the day we sneak in the janitors room and have Sex. I guess he’s [too] young to have an apartment he’s still in high school or lives with his parents. I guess they have Markisha looking like a pedophile.”

Welch believes she is the inspiration for the character.

She also wrote, “Please no more DM’s don’t ask me why I can’t explain it. But half y’all believe this sick shtt. Markisha character is shown in bad likeness I don’t agree with the timeline or the character traits. This show pretends it’s not me but everybody in Detroit or half the country know it’s me. Who else work at the insurance company?”

BMF follows the Flenory brothers, who rose to prominence in 1980s Detroit as the heads of one of America’s biggest crime families. The series is created by Randy Huggins and executive produced by 50 Cent. Along with Da’Vinchi, Anthony and Kash Doll, the series also stars Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory (the son of Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory, one of the two Flenory brothers), Myles Truitt, Russell Hornsby, Michole Briana White, Steve Harris, Eric Kofi-Abrefa, Laila Pruitt, Jasun Jabbar Wardlaw Jr., and Christian Robinson.