Bokeem Woodbine, whom we last saw in the genre horror flick Devil, produced by M. Night Shyamalan, is reportedly in talks to join the cast of Sony’s Total Recall remake (or adaptation, depending on your POV).

Upon initially reading the headline, I immediately thought that he would maybe be taking on the role of Benny, the mutant brotherman in the original, played by Mel Johnson Jr. – the cab driver that helps Arnold Schwarzenegger’s leading man Quaid escape trouble.

But no… Variety says that Woodbine would be Quaid’s (this time to be played by Collin Farrell) best friend and big-brother figure. So, in essence, Woodbine would be both BBF (Best Black Friend) and Magical Negro? Well, let’s just hope he lives through the end of the movie 😀

For those of you who’ve read the book, is there best friend/big-brother figure for the protagonist? There certainly wasn’t one in the first film.

Len Wiseman is set to direct the films, which I’m assuming will be out next year.