When the sixth and final season of the political drama House Of Cards premieres on Netflix on November 2, viewers will be treated to an assortment of new faces. One of them Boris Kodjoe, who was revealed to be a part of the series after the release of the traier.

In the teaser for the Netflix drama, we get a snippet of Kodjoe, clad in business attire, standing in what seems to be the president’s office. While details regarding Kodjoe’s role are enshrouded in mystery, we’re hoping his appearance fills the Mahershala Ali-sized hole still left in our hearts. This won’t be Kodjoe’s only appearance, as the actor has joined the second season of the ABC drama Station 19 as well.

“The reign of the middle-aged white men is over,” says Claire Underwood (Robin Wright), the show’s iron-willed, Joan Of Arc-esque lead, taking on the president’s mantle from husband and former protagonist Frank Underwood. The character was killed off in the wake of the controversy surrounding actor Kevin Spacey and reports of sexual misconduct. By the looks of the teaser, it is evident that Madame Underwood is intent on not following the playbook her husband left and is playing by her own rules.

Here’s the teaser for the sixth and final season of House Of Cards.