Season 1 of ABC’s Queens is came to a close with its season finale on Tuesday.

With no word on a season 2 renewal yet, Shadow and Act spoke with Brandy for our podcast, Opening Act, and we asked her what she’d like to see in a possible sophomore run of the show.

“If the show comes back, I just really want to go on tour,” she told S&A Managing Editor, Trey Mangum. “That would be amazing. That’s [was] original [idea]…that was the whole concept of the show, is that we’d get to go in this world tour. And because of how the show, how things were written, in the twist and turns, we didn’t really get a chance to dive into the touring of what that could feel like, the dancing, the rapping, more performance[s]. I want to see more performing. That’s why I signed up to do the show, is so I can perform. Because I want to feed that part of me that always needs to be fed.”

The multihypenate also talked about the fan response to her character Naomi (aka Xplicit Lyrics) and how fans are now asking her to actually get in the booth and dive into hip-hop music.

“I absolutely love Xplicit Lyrics…just to be able to find the tone, and the challenge of how she rhymes,” she said. “I would want to rhyme similar to her actually. Because I just like to find that tone, and for people to get excited and to actually say, ‘We want to see what you can do in rap now.’ I’m like, ‘Where was y’all the last 10 years ago when I was trying to do the rapping thing? [laughs] But I’m just so happy. That’s what Queens is all about, is no matter where you are in your life, you have a second chance. You can try again. And that’s what I love about this show. And so maybe I’ll try to really put out a rap album one day. That’ll be hot.”

The full episode of Opening Act featuring Brandy drops Thursday on all major podcast platforms.

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