In April, we reported that Codeblack Entertainment had acquired domestic distribution rights to Politics of Love, a romantic comedy starring Brian White and Mallika Sherawat as young campaigners on opposite sides of the 2008 Obama-McCain U.S. presidential race.

With no confirmed theatrical dates as yet, the film’s website is now publicizing a Video on Demand premiere date of September 1st.

I haven’t seen the full film yet, but from jump the premise has always seemed far-fetched; not due to the cross-party, cross-cultural love connection, but due to the sheer dearth of die-hard black McCain supporters in the first place, and the unlikelihood of Obama supporters finding them quite that attractive.

But as a comedy, I suppose it’s all in good fun. And of course, Politics of Love boasts plenty of eye candy in White and Sherawat, as well as good-natured quips by Loretta Devine and Ruby Dee, who co-star.

See the complete trailer below:

For VOD details and listings for Politics of Love, visit the film’s website.