You may recall UK-based filmmkaker Anthony Abuah's submission to the S&A What's Your Story? feature, in which he discussed being fiercely independent in making of his feature film, Woolwich Boys – a film that will next screen at the 2012 British Urban Film Festival

Described as a crime/gangster flick, the synopsis for Woolwich Boys reads:

Woolwich Boys is a feature film that focuses on the lives of 4 Nigerian friends, who embark on a life of '419' fraud crime between 2003/04. Based on true events, the story is focused on the metoric rise of 'Wale', a teenager who has recently arrived in Britain from Nigeria. When he is unable to complete his studies, he is enticed into a life of crime.

Everyone is probably familiar with the now infamous 419 scams that exploit our greed. I don't think there has been a scripted feature film that really tackled it.

The film's cast includes former Miss Nigeria UK, Chichi Okafor, comedian Lateef Lovejoy and Stanley Chinoso.

The film made its film festival debut in February at the Stoke-Your-Fires Film Festival, opening to rave reviews.

Here's its most recent teaser Trailer: