I first saw this film at the New York African Film Festival earlier this year, and enjoyed its reversal of traditional patriarchal standards. It’s hilarious… poignant, and message-driven, but hilarious.

Directed by Abdoulaye Dao, and featuring some of the best actors in Burkina Faso, the 101 min feature film, titled An Uncommon Woman, centers on Mina, a very successful business woman who, much to her current husband’s chagrin, decides to take a second husband in an environment where polyandry is taboo, but not-so the other way around.

If I said what her reasons are, I’d be giving away more of the film’s plot than I should, and might ruin your experience. But it’s a simply-told humorous tale that nevertheless challenges traditional societal norms, and recommended viewing if it comes your way.

And it just might, given that Diasporic film distributor, Artmattan, based right here in NYC, has acquired distribution rights to the film. And while that doesn’t guarantee we’ll all be able to see it sometime soon, it’s, at least, good to know that it will travel and likely be exposed to an even wider audience than before this acquisition.

Of course, you’ll know of any future screenings of the film when I do.

I couldn’t find a trailer for it unfortunately.

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