Last night at dinner with some friends, we somehow got into a conversation about George Lucas and how he keeps whoring out Star Wars for more money, with the six DVD/Blu-ray packages set to come out in September, as well as the converted 3D versions of the films, coming out next year in theaters, starting in February.

But it dawned on me that there hasn’t been a single word in ages about his Tuskegee Airmen film, Red Rails, with Terrence Howard and Cuba Gooding Jr., which started production in 2009, but was pretty much kept under wraps. Even the people I was with, except for one, had never heard about the film.

Last we heard anything about it, over a year ago in March 2010, was when it was announced that Lucas and his people were unhappy with the film, directed by Anthony Hemingway, and that the film would go through extensive re-writes and re-shoots. On top of that, Lucas himself confirmed that he would be handling the re-writes and re-shoots himself. But since then – nothing. Not even a peep about the project.

Does anyone know?

Though I did hear that Lucas planned to digitally remove Howard from the film, and replace him with Jar-Jar Binks – which might be an improvement….

Just joking, I kid, I kid