NOTE: This is only open to South African citizens or residents of South Africa. So for our readers in the country (and I know we have a strong presence there), or if you know anyone who qualifies, read on from the press release:

August 29 2012: The National Film and Video Foundation invites all eligible production companies to respond to the Call for Proposals for the management of a low budget film production project aimed at female filmmakers as part of the Tier 2 development process.


The concept for the Female Only Filmmaker Project is to provide recent female entrants into the industry, particularly those from historically disadvantaged backgrounds, with an opportunity to make a film in collaboration with other women. Successful applicants will be guided in the development of their stories into 48 minute scripts over a period of 5 months.

The ten best scripts will then be work shopped for camera in preparation for the production of the films over a five week period. During this process each director will be provided with the necessary tools to break down scripts for camera as well as detailed strategies for extracting the best performances from the actors.

The successful projects and teams will then be provided with a professional production crew to shoot their film. A post-production supervisor will be appointed to assist them in the editing and final delivery of the film.

Finally, a special premiere of three of the best completed films as chosen by their peers will be held at a suitable venue to be confirmed with the cast, crew and creative personnel as well as NFVF council and staff.


In order for a production company to be considered for this opportunity, the producer / production company must meet the following requirements:

a. Producer/s must be either a South African citizen or be a permanent resident of South Africa.

b. Production Company to be at least 51% owned and managed by applicant.

c. Production Company should have completed at least two narrative feature films or television drama series which have been released theatrically or broadcast nationally.

d. Producer should demonstrate understanding of packaging and marketing of low budget films.

e. Producer and Production Company to have clean industry record and an up to date tax clearance certificate.


Criteria that will be taken into consideration when assessing applications include:

1. Criteria for Applicant

  • Capacity of company to develop and produce at accepted global standards.
  • Management of budgets.
  • Demonstrated ability in nurturing emerging talents.


All applications should be able to provide the following documentation in hard copy triplicate for consideration:

1. Production Company executive summary

2. Business plan indicating:

  • Production Company's capability to raise additional funding should it be necessary outside of the R500 000 per short they will be provided with
  • Budget model
  • Production plan for 10 x 48 minute films
  • Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Audited Financial Statements for the past two years

3. Marketing and Distribution strategy

CLOSING DATE: 14 September 2012

All applications must be submitted as hard copies to: Thandeka Zwana by the closing date.

All enquiries may be directed to Thandeka Zwana.