The term just isn’t what it used to be – or doesn’t mean what it was once collectively believed to mean. It’s evolving. It’s no longer *uncool* to be called a nerd. In fact, it’s a label many wear very proudly, as it’s seemingly continuously redefined.

I recall seeing a sticker on a parked car here in NYC that read: “If being a nerd means that I’m not the dumbest muthaf*cker in the room, then I’ll definitely be a nerd.” Or something like that…
Other terms I’ve seen/heard include: “Nerd-chic” or “Nerd-cool”… and more.
Some have joked that President Barack Obama is the idol that black nerds have longed for and needed, adding that he’s the best thing for black nerds everywhere, as he’s helped make it cool to be a nerd who happens to be black.
There have even been articles on the so-called new acceptance of black nerds, or “blerds” as I’ve heard some say, like THIS one from New York Magazine, titled Revenge Of The Black Nerd.
And so on, and so forth…
So I suppose it was only a matter of time before filmmakers hopped on, and rode this wave of new-found black nerdom.
Here’s one we profiled much earlier this year, titled Carbonerdious, from director Tony G. Williams, which is described as follows:

CARBONERDIOUS is not only a film title, but also the definition of a newly emerging pop culture phenomenon in America… The culture of Black Nerds. This documentary film is for/about any one who has ever been called or considers themselves a: nerd, geek, spaz, dweeb, prep or hipster “and” also identifies as black. The film explores questions like: “When did it become cool to be a black nerd? What is the difference between a black nerd and the traditional stereotypes? And ultimately, what kind of world would we live in if being a black nerd ever became more popular than being a thug for young black males or vixen for young black females?”

The filmmaker have launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $25,000 in 30 days, to help complete the film, which is where you come in.

Here’s part of the pitch:

Until now, this project has been 100% self funded and we have some amazing work to show for it thus far. We’ve shot footage in Chicago, St. Lewis, Detroit, Philadelphia, L.A., San Diego and Atlanta. We are also scheduled to capture interviews and footage in: New York, Miami, Seattle, South Carolina and D.C. But we’ve reached a point in the production process where “time is of the essence” and without your help, the slow process of self funding will push the final film shooting well into the winter months causing us to pause production travel and filming until next year. It’s our hope to finish the final filming portion of our production in the next 60 days so that the finished edit of the movie can be completed shortly there after. We are asking all of our fans, friends, families and fellow nerds to help us raise $25,000 in additional funds needed for production crew and travel costs so that we can complete the last and most expensive portion of our film shooting schedule on time. 

To entice you, the filmmakers have released a couple of clips from the film, both embedded below. 

After watching both clips, click HERE to make your contribution to the campaign (or in the widget at the bottom of this post). Stay updated on its progress, by following the project on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE.: