Grammy award-winning rapper Cardi B has exited her first leading role in Paramount’s Assisted Living.

Per Deadline, Cardi B backed away from the starring role a week before production was set to begin. With the comedy feature’s lead no longer in the picture, the cast and crew have been told the film has at least temporarily been scratched.

The $30 million comedy was being produced by Temple Hill and Stephen “Dr” Love. It was to be directed by Thembi Banks.

The film was set to be Cardi B's major film debut after having a minor role in 2019's 'Hustlers.'

In Assisted Living, Cardi B was to play Amber, “a small-time crook who finds herself in over her head when a heist goes wrong. On the run from the cops and her former crew, she struggles to find anywhere to hide. Running out of options, Amber disguises herself as an elderly woman and hides out in the one place no one will look — her estranged grandmother’s nursing home.”

According to the report, Cardi B’s reasoning for backing out of the film was that she is overextended.

While it’s unclear if the rapper will rejoin Assisted Living, sources are hopeful that the film will pick up where it left off later this year.