Anthony Anderson and Cedric The Entertainer are serious about their love for BBQ, and with the actors taking it to the next level with AC Barbeque, all of this will be explored in a new series.

In their 10-episode unscripted series Kings of BBQ, A&E will follow the two as they learn all they can about the art form. The two friends head out on a culinary adventure across America. Along the way, they discover the best techniques, flavors, and traditions for mouthwatering barbeque. Kings of BBQ is produced by Propagate in association with A Bird And A Bear Entertainment and Just a Kid From Compton.

Throughout the years, the longtime friends have bonded over their shared love of barbeque and the unique history
that surrounds it. Hailing from St. Louis and Compton respectively, Cedric and Anthony grew up with different variations and approaches to the craft.

Partnering on AC Barbeque, the friends combine their individual experiences and knowledge from experts in the field. Along with their undeniable enthusiasm for the art form, they work to create a brand with everything the home cook needs for a barbeque feast.

“Anthony and I are very excited to take our audience into the savory, smokehouse-filled, finger-licking world of barbeque all across the United States,” said Cedric the Entertainment in a statement.

He added, “In collaboration with A&E,
we created the ‘Kings of BBQ’ series as a perfect way to share our new business venture, AC Barbeque,
with all of you.”

Anderson shared his excitement for the series and the brand.

“I’m thrilled to partner with A&E on this series to honor the traditions and flavors of barbeque that have
been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember,” he said. “The launch of AC Barbeque has been a lifelong dream for Cedric and I and we cannot wait to learn more about the craft and share our journey.”

The official description reads, “In each onehour episode, Kings of BBQ will follow Cedric and Anthony as they meet with barbeque chefs, pitmasters and everyday experts who share their knowledge and secrets of the trade, highlighting Black Excellence in the industry along the way. “From backyards to BBQ pits, the duo will go behind the scenes to master barbeque in all its glory and create a business of their own that honors its legacy and
flavors. Along the way, celebrity friends and family will join in on the fun and help share how different
cultures and experiences have influenced the delicious cooking technique.”

Executive producers for Propagate are Ben
Silverman, Howard T. Owens, Drew Buckley, Linh Le, and Rebecca Graham Forde. Executive producers
for A Bird And A Bear Entertainment are Cedric The Entertainer and Eric C. Rhone. Executive producers
for Just a Kid From Compton are Anthony Anderson and E. Brian Dobbins. Elaine Frontain Bryant and
Brad Holcman serves as executive producer for A&E Network.

No cities or restaurants have been announced as locations visited in the series.