Todrick Hall might have the nickname “Toddy Rockstar,” but he’s apparently not a rock star of a houseguest according to Celebrity Big Brother co-star and N’Sync band member Chris Kirkpatrick.

According to The Jasmine Brand, Hall and Kirkpatrick had an argument about money. Hall said, “[Chris] is talking about how everyone in the house is talking about how I almost bought the wicked witch’s hat [from The Wizard of Oz] for $250,000. I’ve worked really, really hard to make the millions of dollars I have made. I’m not going to feel bad that I buy nice things.”

The arguments with Kirkpatrick also included Hall apparently bringing Kirkpatrick's family into things, making their relationship even more sour.

“I mean, the way he talked to me [Thursday], it wasn’t a surprise,” Kirkpatrick said to Us Weekly after getting voted out of the house. “I think it was very hurtful, and it’s hard when someone plays a victim all the time, and is a bully. And that’s how I felt, like especially coming out of it. I felt horrible. I felt I did Todrick completely wrong. And then when I came out, and everybody was talking about Todrick the way they were, I was like, ‘So I wasn’t crazy?'”

“I think it hurt when he brought my family into it,” he added. “…We were talking about something when he started talking about my son and how my son is gonna be embarrassed by me, and all these things. And that really hurt. That’s the only time I actually fought back and I was like, ‘I’m sorry, what did you just say?’ Because he just said it walking away. And he goes, ‘Oh, you heard me.’ And I was just kinda like, ‘You bring my family into this and we’ve got problems because this is a game.’ In the end, it’s a game.”

Former houseguest Teddi Mellencamp also told Us Magazine she was "warned prior to going into the house not to trust Trodrick by someone that personally knows him."

“But, he was so lovely to me at first that I fell for it, but I never approached them for an alliance. They [Mirai Nagasu, Carson Kressley, Hall, Cynthia Bailey and Shanna Moakler] came to me,” she continued. “So I think that’s why I believed it. However, I knew that you can’t keep an alliance of six for that long.”

She also said she didn’t realize her relationship with Hall in the house “was never actually real because from the very get-go, even when we formed our alliance, he had already been telling people in my alliance that he didn’t want me in there. So I guess whatever relationship I thought we had was false to him.”

Hall also reportedly body-shamed Moakler, with viewers sounding off against his statements.

One of the tamer statements includes a viewer tweeting, “Todrick Hall is a straight up bully. I’m glad he’s unintentionally showing the world who he truly is.”

Another commenter wrote, “I have never wanted to see a player go down more than Todrick Hall. What a villain.” Another also called Hall “so gross with the way he speaks to people.”

Another wrote, “Todrick Hall took what could have been a fun season and made it disgusting.”

We’ll see what else happens with Hall as he continues his arc of Big Brother villainy.