Todrick Hall has been getting a lot of backlash for his behavior on the reality competition series Celebrity Big Brother. He’s been called out by both Lamar Odom and Chris Kirkpatrick following their evictions. Now, his devoted fans may not be pleased with him after he revealed a little secret about what little goes into him making his Cameo videos.

Cameo is a paid service that fans use to connect with their favorite celebrities. Celebrities send personalized videos for them at certain prices.

Todrick Hall reveals he doesn’t put much effort into his Cameo videos

Fans who receive videos from Hall may be disappointed to learn that he goes with the flow. He confided in his Big Brother housemate on how he goes about doing them. 

“I hope people aren’t seeing this but I don’t make it too personalized because I do so many of them. So many thousands of them,” he told RHOA star Cynthia Bailey.

He elaborated, explaining that he basically recreates the same videos for each person but switches out certain details to who he is speaking to. In an example, he said: “So I’ll be like, ‘Hi Cynthia! It’s Todrick Hall and your good friend Carson told me it’s your birthday and so I wanted to wish you a very happy, very special 55th birthday. Thank you so much for watching my videos and listening to my music. It means the world to me, so Cynthia, hope you got your nails, your hips, and heels on honey because today is all about you. Happy birthday, my love, and hope to see you soon.”

Fans respond to Hall's revelation

Folks on Twitter criticized Hall for the statements and the backlash was swift.

How much does he charge for the Cameo videos?

Hall makes so many videos and so much content but he’s getting paid a hefty price for many of them. Now that fans have been made aware that he doesn’t take the time to personalize the videos, he may need to lower his prices.

“I charge different rates,” he said. “Sometimes it’s $250, sometimes it’s $25. It just depends on how I feel that day, how much energy I have. But I promote it a lot and I have it down to a science.”

Hall was named runner-up of Celebrity Big Brother on Wednesday night, losing in a nearly-unanimous vote of 7-1 to Miesha Tate.