Niecy Nash has some explaining to do in this week’s Celebrity Game Face!

In an exclusive clip for this week’s episode, which you can view below, the actress admits that she’s she’s stolen some clothes off sets she’s previously worked on while playing “guilty as charged” with wife Jessica Betts.

In the episode, Nash and Betts compete for the “Hart of Champion” trophy against fellow celebrity pairings Lamorne Morris & Monnie Aleahmad and Fortune Feimster & Jax Smith.

Each team plays a series of at-home games such as ‘Guilty as Charged,’ where host Kevin Hart “accuses one blindfolded member from each team of dirty secrets and their partner guesses if they are guilty or innocent; ‘Cake Heads,’ where each contestant stacks an entire package of cupcakes on their partner’s forehead and ‘Sounds Fishy,’ where the celebrities have to sing five childhood-favorite songs underwater.”

Also executive produced by Kevin Hart, the new episode airs tonight at 9 p.m.

The first two seasons Celebrity Game Face are streaming now on Peacock.