Chance The Rapper is guest-starring in the upcoming second episode of Sherman’s Showcase, Season 2, in which he plays one of the former cast members in a show reminiscent of Fat Albert and the Backyard Gang.

The clip is a retrospective on fictional ’70s cartoon Dumpster Buddies, starring Sherman’s Showcase host Sherman McDaniels (Bashir Salahuddin) and his friends, who are named in a way that makes fun of their real life counterparts. The clip hilariously nails ’70s animation while skewering the fact that Fat Albert’s characters were all created to mimic various mean-spirited stereotypes.

The episode airs Nov. 16 on AMC+. Check out the clip below.

The second season of Sherman’s Showcase debuted Oct. 26 on IFC and AMC+. The critically acclaimed and Emmy-winning series quickly won fans during its first season in 2019, and finally, fans can re-enter the retro world of the Soul Train-esque television show that embraces the ’70s and ’80s while staying current with today’s humor.

According to the description:

The acclaimed series Sherman’s Showcase features sketches, dancers, fake commercials,
movie trailers, cultural nostalgia, the Funk Monster, A-list guest stars and original songs (“Drop it Low for Jesus,” “Marina Del Ray”) that definitely climbed the fictional charts. Each episode is hosted by Sherman McDaniels as he takes viewers through time, via music and comedy drawn from the 50-year library of a legendary (but fictional) musical variety show.