The murder trial for A Charm City Kings star has seen its jury deadlocked, resulting in a mistrial.

According to The Baltimore Sun, Circuit Judge Gregory Sampson declared Lakeyria “Wheelie Queen” Doughty‘s case, during which she was being tried for the 2021 murder of her girlfriend, Tiffany Wilson, a mistrial. Prosecutors can either retry Doughty, drop the charges, or negotiate for a plea deal.

The mistrial happened after the jury spent nine hours deliberating over the evidence. They could not come to a conclusion as to if Doughty was actually responsible.

One juror said to The Baltimore Sun, “Four of us felt firmly the state did not provide the evidence to support the charges of first-degree murder, second-degree murder and the weapons charge beyond a reasonable doubt.” Another told the outlet that there was evidence that Wilson “could’ve fallen on the knife she was holding.”

The bike rider who starred in the Sundance and HBO Max film was charged with murder in Jan. 2021.

She was also charged with second-degree assault and assault with a deadly weapon. At the time, police stated that their investigation “revealed evidence of a physical altercation throughout the apartment, which included displaced furniture, scuff marks on the walls, and hair and jewelry consistent with having been forcefully removed from a person during an assault.”

The investigation also found that the kitchen, where Wilson was found, "showed a significant amount of blood evidence and a large knife with suspected blood on the blade and handle."

Doughty claims that while she and Wilson did have an argument, Wilson allegedly “produced a knife and stabbed herself.”