nullI imagine a day will come when one will be able to watch any TV network, from anywhere in the world (even subtitled in your own language, if the original program is in a language you don’t speak), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all at the click of a button… or two.

We’re moving in that direction (for example, my cable TV provider sells a package that includes a handful of non-American TV networks, though what’s offered is very limited), but we’re not quite there yet. The "Internet of things" is the anointed term used to describe what that world will be – essentially, a world in which everything is fully connected via the web, and information/data flow uninterrupted, as every device of every kind communicates seamlessly.

If we were "there" now, then you’d be able to turn on your TV set, wherever you are in the world, flip to the Maisha Magic channel on the DSTV network – the digital satellite TV service that serves much of the African continent – and watch this new half-hour dramedy from Kenya, titled "How to Find a Husband," which premiered in March, and airs every Tuesday night at 10pm (Kenyan time of course).

Despite the rather uninspired title, I’m told that it is actually a "great" show. But I wouldn’t know, because the series isn’t available in the USA, so I can’t offer an opinion. All I can point you to is the trailer and a few clips, all embedded below, which gives you a glimpse at what you may, or may not be missing – if you’re outside of DSTV’s service reach.

‘How to Find a Husband’ follows the lives of 3 women and their dating adventures – and misadventures – in the "romantic jungle" that is Nairobi. It stars Kenyan actresses Lizz Njagah Konstantaras, Sarah Hassan, and Mumbi Maina.

It’s written by Abigail Arunga, Jacque Ndinda, Voline Ogutu, Njihia Mbitiru, Clifton Gachagua, Benson Njuguna.

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This new series comes just before EbonyLife TV – another network not available outside continental Africa – debuts its version of the former hit American TV dramedy series "Desperate Housewives," which premieres tomorrow.

Below you’ll find a trailer for "How to Find a Husband" followed by 4 clips from the series: