That new Chiwetel Ejiofor BBC serial noir thriller centered on a murder of a drug baron now has an official TV debut as well as a DVD release date.

A quick refresher… it’s called The Shadow Line, and in it Ejiofor stars as Detective Inspector Jonah Gabriel, who suffers from amnesia, thanks to a bullet lodged in his brain, which leaves him doubtful of his own moral compass and his colleagues regard him with suspicion. Gabriel is on his first case, since being shot during a botched police operation that left his partner dead. He’s now been assigned to investigate the murder of a drug baron, and has to follow an increasingly complicated line of investigation, all the while wondering whether he can trust anyone, not least, himself.

Here’s the BBC’s breakdown: “From the cop with a bullet in his brain, whose amnesia leaves him doubtful of his own moral compass; to the drug-lord driven by a profound personal tragedy, risking it all on one last deal; to the brilliantly lethal puppet-master who gradually emerges from the shadows to bring the story to its shocking climax – The Shadow Line explores the morality of these characters as they negotiate the repercussions of Wratten’s death and attempt to navigate the fine line between right and wrong. As the thread around Wratten’s operation begins to unravel, the web of intrigue becomes more complex – and the question of which side of the line they stand on becomes increasingly blurred. An intelligent and gripping conspiracy thriller that delves to the heart of human morality, The Shadow Line will have audiences enthralled over seven taut and thrilling episodes. Faced with similar dilemmas, on which side of the line would you stand?

The 7-episode series is written, produced and directed by Hugo Blick.

I just learned that the series will make its debut on May 12th, from 9PM to 10PM on BBC 2.

And Amazon’s UK site lists a July 14th DVD release date.

Not sure about a stateside release. But it sounds sufficiently gripping on paper, and the talent involved is stellar, so, I’m definitely intrigued.

What does Chiwetel say we should expect from the new series?

I think it’s something that’s thrilling and engaging. It’s got really great writing in it and I think it’s going to look amazing and pretty beautiful. You’ve just got to follow the twists and turns as they happen. I think it’s a really exciting and engaging piece of drama,” he said in a BBC press release.