Speaking of professional athletes and their post-career financial lives… he retired from the NBA 4 years ago, due to problems with a surgically repaired knee. And, according to, earned almost $180 million in salary alone, during the 15 years he played in the league. He's now going to put some of that money into movies.

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 18, 2012 / — Turner Sports analyst and NBA All Star Chris Webber, and Emmy Award winning director/producer Peter Gilbert, announced today the formation of their new film production company, Webber Productions. The Webber-Gilbert pairing will produce a line of films and documentaries that will focus on the various complex issues surrounding the intersection of sports, culture and society. Webber Productions will create projects focused on celebrating history, preserving legacies, and challenging the viewer on social issues that are relevant in the U.S. and abroad. Webber Productions also aspires to create a diverse content portfolio, which includes live events, cultural exhibitions, music and film projects.

Says Webber, "I am happy to start a company with a man like Peter Gilbert, who has proven to be one of the best in documentary film work. I look forward to learning from him and telling great stories around my passions, my community and my world with him."

Gilbert, who met Webber during the making of the Academy Award nominated film "Hoop Dreams," of which he produced and was director of photography, says: "I am thrilled to be embarking on this creative journey with Chris Webber. I have followed his career throughout the years, and he has always impressed me with his honesty and willingness to search for the truth." Gilbert continues: "Chris' knowledge, access and fan base within the sports world will allow us to produce cross-platform media projects that will examine the complexity of how sports and society reflect one another. The sky is the limit, and I am excited to have been asked by Chris to participate."

Pre-production has begun several projects, including an untitled documentary about the life of Chris Webber – as told by Webber; and "The Dickerson Project," a documentary and multi-platform media project that narrates one man's remarkable journey through the 20th Century. Earl Dickerson, the first African American to graduate from the University of Chicago's Law School, left huge marks in business, politics, civil rights, and law, and is a community pillar responsible for the development of one of America's largest black middle-class communities, Hyde Park.

Webber also has produced music too by the way.

In addition to his work on Hoop DreamsPeter Gilbert's has produced, directed and shot documentaries, feature films, commercials and music videos. His work includes: At The Death House Door, Discovery Networks' With All Deliberate Speed, NBC Networks' Deadline, TCM's There is No Place Like Home, PBS' The Ballad of Eziquel Hernandez, The Gods Grew Tired of Us, Showtime's A Time For Dancing, All The Rage, Vietnam, Long Time Coming, Prefontaine, Stevie, Married in America and American Dream.