A feature documentary Sergio first alerted you to last fall, is one of 20 feature films selected for Premiere Brazil 2013, a traveling screening series that begins in Brazil, with at least one stop in New York City. Although I don’t have exact dates for when that’ll happen just yet, so stay tuned.

If you’ve ever wondered what happened to the young actors in Fernando Meirelles’ and Kátia Lund’s 2002 Brazilian crime drama Cidade de Deus (or City Of God), here’s a film that should satisfy your curiosity.

Titled Cidade De Deus – 10 Anos Depois (City Of God – 10 Years Later), the documentary is said to show what exactly has changed in the lives of the actors from the 2002 feature film.

And according to the film’s description, 10 years after the Rio de Janeiro slum burst into the world’s consciousness with the hit film of the same name, very little has changed for the residents as well as the actors, who have enjoyed mixed fortunes. We’ll learn all about those “mixed fortunes” in the film – like Leandro Firmino who played Li’l Ze, and who still lives in the favela, and shows few signs of the fame he achieved back in the earlier years of this century, when the film was all-the-rage – now 35 and father to a 21-month-old boy.

On the other hand, Alice Braga has made the crossover to Hollywood movie-making, co-starring in blockbusters like I Am Legend opposite Will SmithRedbelt opposite Chiwetel Ejiofor, and most recently, Elysium opposite Matt Damon. She was also in Predators, Repo Men and more. 

The original film, telling a story of the evolution of organized crime over 2 decades, became an instant classic in the USA. It was adapted from a 1997 novel of the same name written by Paulo Lins, with the plot based loosely on real-life events.

The cast also included Alexandre Rodrigues, Jonathan Haagensen, Douglas Silva, and Seu Jorge

Most of the actors were recruited directly from the favelas in which the film’s story unfolds.

In the end, it received 4 Oscar nominations in 2004: Best Cinematography, Best Directing, Best Editing and Best Adapted Screenplay. 

It gave birth to a TV series titled City of Men, and a filmed version of that, also called City of Men.

Première Brazil is an initiative by the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival whose goal is bring sample of the best in Brazilian cinema to the international marketplace.

Besides promoting Brazilian cinema, Première Brazil also has the broader goal of raising awareness for Brazilian culture in general. Traditionally, the project, which is a traveling festival, is developed in partnership with cultural institutions in each locality where the screenings takes place. 

In New York where I live, for example, the event takes place in association with MoMA – Museum of Modern Art. Typically, MoMA runs the series in July (that’s where it’s landed over the last 2 years), but it doesn’t look like it happened this year. Unless it’s coming later. Their website doesn’t give any info. But I sent an email inquiry. When I receive a reply, I’ll update.

The festival takes place in Rio later this month, from September 26 to October 10. I suspect the series will begin its global travels after that, meaning, watch for date/location screening announcements.

Here’s a preview of Cidade De Deus – 10 Anos Depois (City Of God – 10 Years Later).