Claudia Jordan and NeNe Leakes’ truce appears to have come to an end. The former Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars are back to trading jabs over recent comments Leakes made about her Housewives family and the ways in which they supported her after her husband Gregg died.

The two have a toxic history. Jordan joined the cast in Season 7 and had spent some time with Leakes hosting parties before becoming a Housewife. But when Leakes found out Jordan was close friends with her longtime nemesis Kenya Moore, she was less than receptive to her new co-star. The two traded insults all season, including a massive blowup on a cast trip to Puerto Rico where Leakes made disparaging comments about Jordan being biracial and being a known whore. 

They called a truce at the reunion and have remained cordial since. Now, the shade-throwing has resumed.

Nene Leakes speaks on ‘Housewives’ support, or lack thereof, amid husband’s death

During a recent interview with V103 in Atlanta, Leakes spoke about how her Housewives family have stepped up to support her in her time of grief. Her former BFF Cynthia Bailey made it known that she was unable to attend the memorial service for Gregg due to being in LA. However, upon returning in Atlanta, Bailey made sure to visit Leakes at her Georgia lounge in order to pay her respects. 

“[Cynthia] didn’t even come to the repast. She did come like a week later after everything was done,” Leakes said. Furthermore, she added that she felt some of her former co-stars chipping in on a bouquet of flowers was in poor taste.

“Actually I was surprised because the first set of flowers I got was a bouquet from like all the Housewives, like they went in together,” she shared. “I’m like, ‘Why do y’all need to go in together and buy some damn flowers? If all y’all work … you can spend your own $200.’ That’s the way I’ve always been,” she added. “It’s really hard to explain ‘Housewives.’ It’s almost like a dysfunctional family.”

Claudia Jordan responds to Nene Leakes’ comments

Jordan was not happy with Leakes’ remarks. In fact, she felt it was an unappreciative attitude. “I know for a fact everyone didn’t pitch in… some of us did send her stuff on our own,” she said during the Tea G-I-F segment on FOX SOUL.

Jordan says despite her and Leakes not having the best relationship, she still wanted to give her condolences. “It’s no secret that [NeNe] and I do not – we’re not cool, we’re not friends, we’re nothing, you know, we’re nothing,” Jordan explained. “But out of respect for Gregg, I did send condolences and I never made it public. I didn’t put it out there, or post something, or tell the world and whatever,” she said.

“It’s just such a tacky thing,” she continued. “Did you Google how much the flowers were? The things that you’ve said about other people, you’re lucky that anybody showed up for you actually. And the fact that people rallied around you, I thought was a beautiful moment so let’s not ruin it.”

She says Leakes’ stance on such things is often offputting, leading to many negative perceptions of the reality TV star. “But I did feel triggered when she posted… when I heard about the story. I’m like, hold up. No one owes you anything,” she continued. “I wouldn’t have to spend one dollar… it has nothing to do with you. It has to do with your husband and paying respect to the man that we all got to know and love — who was so supportive and kind even when you were beefing with his wife he was still a class act.”

NeNe Leakes then seemingly responds to Claudia Jordan

Leakes took to her Instagram account to fire back at the backlash, though she didn’t name Jordan specifically.

“Flowers came in from everywhere and I am grateful! Okay, I just don’t feel like I have to get on here and break it down and explain,” she said. 

She continued, “I never spoke negatively of anyone and my stalker is consistently speaking of me,” she said. “But I’m telling you, I’m not the one. You need to stop your stuff because you know I am not the one. I’m over here trying to live in a positive light. Please, I’m asking you to leave me alone.”