The Queen of Bounce Big Freedia and rapper Slim Thug are a part of the cast for the current season of College Hill: Celebrity Edition.

The group of celebrities attend college while living in a house together. The show is often mixed with fun and drama. While in the house, Freedia and Thug have a serious conversation about the LGBTQ+ community that fans are loving.

1. Big Freedia and Slim Thug have a positive conversation

During the conversation, Thug asks Freedia which pronoun he should use when talking to her. Freedia tells Slim that it doesn’t matter and that different people in her life refer to her differently to her that.

She even breaks it down that in her world, pronouns are a new thing and she’s “old school.” Thug admits that he has never really hung out with someone from the LGBTQ+ community and he is learning.


3. Twitter reacts to the Slim Thug and Big Freedia moment

Fans were happy to see such a positive exchange between the College Hill castmates.