In February, Shonda Rhimes revealed that the character known as Harrison Wright (played by Columbus Short) would eventually get his moment to shine, after she was asked why he didn’t really have much of his own individual story-line, while others have.

I consider Harrison to be the gun on the wall that we haven’t fired on purpose. The story of Harrison and his past — he used to work for Adnan Salif and then he went to jail — that thing that’s going to unfold, that’s a giant story that we want to unpack when it suits us most. We’ve been holding onto it. We will be getting glimpses and hints as to what’s to come.

She didn’t say when exactly audiences can expect the unfolding to being; just the above hints and teases, keeping you all in suspense.

Skip ahead to today, when, on Twitter, Columbus Short shared an ABC News Radio interview he did, in which he talked about his character on the hit series. 

In that piece, here’s what he had to say about what audiences can expect for Harrison:

“Harrison’s like the gun on the wall that we haven’t fired yet… Because Harrison’s back story… his connection to Liv [Olivia Pope, portrayed by Kerry Washington] and his loyalty to Liv runs much deeper and stronger than what we know so far as audience members, and me as a character… There’s definitely some love interest about to ensue for Harrison… You know what I love about [show creator Shonda Rhimes] is that she didn’t write pointless love interests for Harrison… I am a very loyal man and a loyal guy to friends, family [and] my spouse… The kind of fought-my-way-in-and-out-of-any-situations kind of thing that Harrison has, that’s a lot like me.  I’m finding a lot more similarities than I initially thought when approaching this character so it’s really nice.”

So there you have it Scandalistas; A romance is in Harrison’s future. How soon in the future? It likely won’t be this season, with 4 more episodes left before the summer break. So, look to the fall 

As for who the mystery woman (or man) might be for him, I’ll leave that up to you to sort out.

Also, if you ever wondered why the characters in the series all speak so fast, Short says in the interview that it’s because that’s what Shonda Rhimes wants. 

“She said talk as fast as possible.  Like, do not stop. And you know as actors, you want to take your time and find the words and milk the emotions. But forget all that. It’s written. It’s all there.  She did it on purpose…Trust the words and get through it.  And I love the Scandal pace.” 

Episode 18 of the series, titled Molly, You In Danger, Girl, airs tonight at 10 pm ET/PT.