This Valentine’s Day Screenvision and BroadwayHD will partner up to bring the Condola Rashad/Orlando Bloom-led production of Romeo and Juliet, which ended its Broadway run last month, to movie theaters nationwide.

Prior to the show’s closing, HD cameras captured the November 27 performance at the Richard Rodgers Theatre (9 cameras placed in front-row seats, or hidden around the stage), under the direction of Emmy Award-winning director Don Roy King

And that recording will screen in over 2,000 movie theaters in all 50 states, from February 13-19, in celebration of the Valentine’s Day holiday.

“It’s so great to capture it because who knows when it will be on Broadway again,” said Darryl Schaffer, an executive vice president at Screenvision. “It’s just such a great production. We’re excited to bring it to movie theaters.”

This is certainly not the first time that a stage production has been recorded and screened in movie theaters. It’s another revenue stream for Broadway producers to exploit, and theater owners stand to gain as well. 

While it’s not quite the same thing as seeing the show live, and in person, it gives interested audiences around the country the opportunity to, at least, enjoy it, in as best an experience as the format can provide.

“The timing is right. There are enough platforms out there. Technology has advanced. Now we’re getting cooperation from unions and the industry as a whole. So I think now is the moment,” said producer Stewart F. Lane, who co-founded BroadwayHD with fellow theater producer Bonnie Comley.

The show wasn’t a hit on Broadway, forcing an early close (a month earlier than originally planned); maybe it’ll be a bigger hit on screen, this Valetine’s Day week.