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“Murder by Proxy: How America Went Postal” is the first documentary to look at the spree-killing phenomenon of years past through the lens of a socio-economic shift that began years ago.

At a time when many workers have become disillusioned by the sentiments of their bosses and employers comes a sobering documentary that delves into the frustrated mindset of the American workforce in past years. It explores the point of view that it is the social environment, especially workplace conditions, that is pushing so many people over the edge.

The film features interviews with survivors and victims of mass shootings, who openly blame workplace culture for many of these tragedies, and in some cases, amazingly admit sympathy for the killers.

The movie also includes many interviews with top US experts on mass homicide who discuss why workplace events like this occur, and how it could have been avoided.

The film is written/produced/directed by Emil Chiaberi and is co-produced by Oscar and Emmy-winning documentarian James Moll.

"This movie is an often-times graphic and eye-opening portrayal of the topic, and not your typical ‘popcorn and soft drink’ type of movie,” says Chiaberi. “To be clear, it is not a gratuitous rehashing of those tragedies for shock value; it drives home that we are at the point in history where the subject matter in this film is highly relevant. There is great uncertainty about where this society is heading, coupled with widespread discontent over the same conditions that were identified in the film as major contributing factors to this tragic epidemic.

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