Big Brother fans have been in an uproar following a blowup between Celebrity Big Brother season 3 contestants Cynthia Bailey and Todd Bridges. The actress and television personality and the actor had a spat.

It is unclear what actually took place during the scenario and the show’s live feeds were not on. Fans won’t know for sure what happened until the next new television episode airs on Friday.

However, context was enough for most and they began taking Bailey’s side. Footage surfaced from the live feeds of what was happening after the altercation. The only thing that can be seen from the argument is that both were yelling “f**k you.”

Here's video of the aftermath:

The 'Big Brother' fan account Big Brother updates live-tweeted the conversation that took place following the blow-up:

Carson Kressley talked about the situation with both Bailey and Bridges. Lamar Odom also talked to Bridges.

Facts reacted to the spat on Twitter, most agreeing with Bailey regardless of context.

“Todd is being such a toddler,” said one person. “All that for what? Cynthia > Todd. On every level.”

Someone else tweeted, “Now what did Todd do all season besides fart and piss people off? But he wants to raise his voice at Cynthia”


“If someone told me pre-season it would be Todd Bridges and Cynthia Bailey would be the ones in a full blown shouting match, there’s no way I would’ve believed it,” tweeted someone else.

Cynthia Bailey's husband, Mike Hill, addressed the matter on Twitter after it started to go viral amongst BB fans.

It seems, however, as the day went on Bailey and Bridges made up.