Things between famous sisters Da Brat and LisaRaye McCoy have finally smoothed over it seems. The pair have been close throughout the ups and downs of fame but after Brat came out and announced her relationship with Jesseca Dupart, McCoy felt left out of the equation. Thankfully, they were able to put their differences aside for Brat’s wedding.

Their estrangement began after Da Brat went public with her relationship with Jesseca “Judy” DuPart and didn’t give LisaRaye McCoy a heads up

Brat and McCoy have always been close but the pair didn’t speak for nearly a year after Brat announced she and Judy were dating. It marked the first time in Brat’s life and career that she shared her sexuality with the world publicly. McCoy said she was blindsided by it and felt left out.

Brat tried to smooth things over by surprising McCoy for her birthday during her popular Cocktails With Queens segment on Out Loud With Claudia Jordan but it didn’t fare well. McCoy said that it wasn’t the platform to make amends. Their relationship remained rocky afterward. 

The sisters share their reunion at Da Brat’s wedding

Ahead of the wedding, Brat and Judy announced they were going to be starting a family. When asked during an interview if she was aware of her sister’s plans, McCoy shared that she once again learned on social media and was disappointed. Luckily, it didn’t stop her from not only attending their wedding, but also participating in it.

Da Brat couldn’t have been happier to have her sister join her as a bridesmaid. She shared some behind-the-scenes moments from her wedding day with McCoy supporting her on her special day. 

“It ain’t too many people or occasions where she ain’t wearin white! But on my special day it was whatever I needed from her. This pic right here doesn’t even need a caption. Its says “big sis lil sis” in every way possible. My sister’s keeper. Me and my Punk. @thereallraye1 I love u Pizzy and I appreciate you being all you are and have been to me my whole life,” she captioned the post in part.

McCoy shared her own video tribute to her sister that she posted to IG. “It’s a family thing. Up,down,across,under,over,side by side, private or public…Sisssssta yous married now and I wouldn’t have missed it for nothing in the world,” she wrote.

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