According to Snowfall star Damson Idris, a new biopic about NBA mogul Rich Paul is on the way, and the actor has been cast to play Paul himself.

Idris revealed the news on The Breakfast Club last week, as reported by Page Six.

“I am about to play Rich Paul,” Idris said. “It is time we start cherishing black moguls, and Rich is someone people need to know. This guy has completely changed the game, and I am happy and fortunate to call him a big brother… I can’t wait to honor his story.”

Idris seems excited to bring Paul’s unique story to the screen. His story is incredible and coincides with his friend and most famous client LeBron James, with whom he has built an empire over the years.

 “It is going to be amazing, man,” the actor added. “He completely transformed the game. I am just completely inspired by those people. I am fortunate to be in some really good circles, I am learning.”

1. More on Rich Paul's story

At 21, Paul met James when he was still in high school but was already one of the most famous athletes in America.

The legendary story is that Paul became friends with James by selling him a retro jersey, which he would sell out the trunk of his car while building his business ventures.

The two formed a friendship and years later Paul is one of the most powerful individuals in the NBA, as well as representing major clients from different sports and industries.

No other details are known about the film, including if anyone else is attached.