Danai Gurira

Nothing concrete yet, but I’m already excited by the unknown possibilities, given how talented a writer she is, as well as how her background influences what she writes.

Most probably know Danai Gurira primarily as an actress (playing Michonne on AMC’s The Walking Dead); but you should know that she’s also a prodigious playwright, with award-winning credits to her name.

Some of her writing accolades include winning an Obie Award for writing in 2006, and was announced about a week ago, her most recent stage work, The Convert, won the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Writing Award for original work.

So it’s anyone guess what she could bring to TV, with specific regards to her writing style and ability, and I’m definitely curious, hoping that whatever this is she mentions in the quote below, will come to fruition eventually.

In a Sunday profile in South African online news site, The Independent, there’s this paragraph about her upcoming projects:

Among her plans Gurira says she is looking forward to the theatrical release of Mother of George and seeing public reaction to the film as well as working on her own TV series. “It’s been a really exciting to work with Andrew Dosunmu on Mother of George because he has such a strong directorial vision,” she says. “I have also been approached to write a TV series but am still thinking about that and hoping to get it together soon.”

Obviously I’m drawing your attention to the lines about her looking forward to “working on her own TV series,” a series that she’s been “approached to write,” and which she’s “still thinking about” and hoping to get together soon.

Nothing further is revealed about this mystery series, but, as I said, I’m definitely curious about whatever it is, and hope to learn more in time. 

You can read the full profile HERE.

An actress of the screen (big and small) as well, up next for her, she stars in Mother of George, filmmaker Andrew Dosunmu‘s, follow-up to Restless City, which premiered at 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

Oscilloscope picked up USA rights to the SimonSays Entertainment-produced film, but no release date has been set yet.

Stay tuned…