Dancing with the Stars has just started its 31st season and fans are already mad about the treatment with Jordin Sparks.

The groundbreaking season, which is the first on Disney+, premiered with celebrities like Shangela, the first drag performer on the series, and disabled actors Selma Blair and Daniel Durant.

But the premiere episode is already taking heat for the scores Jordin Sparks received for her dance.

MEAWW reports that fans were livid at what they perceived to be Sparks and partner Brandon Armstrong being underscored by the judges. This is in spite of Sparks giving a very solid cha-cha to Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” and receiving glowing comments from the judges. Sparks and Armstrong’s total score was a 26 out of 40.

"I thought Jordin deserved at least an 8," one commenter said, according to the outlet.

Someone else said, “Jordin KILLED that for y’all to give her a 6?! Here we go.”

Another wrote, "I absolutely loved [Good Morning America weather anchor] Sam [Champion] and Jordin was very underscored."

Despite the underscoring, Sparks has earned her spot as one of the celebrities to watch in the competition, with one viewer writing, "none of these celebs have don better than jordin. she's definitely been underscored tonight."

Another wrote, "Jordin Sparks's dancing was d**n near PERFECT! Those they gave her is a d**n shame. #DWTS don't piss me off early."

However, stalwart Dancing with the Stars fans know that sometimes, when the judges underscore celebs who dance well, they're giving room to heap on the 9s and 10s later on.

Who knows if that is the strategy this time, but since Sparks is already a fan favorite, it’s possible we’ll see her win some major scores later on. But she will have to battle other fan favorites like Blair, Durant, Shangela and entertainer Wayne Brady for those high marks.