Halloween night gave Jordin Sparks fans more of a trick than a treat when the American Idol singer was voted off Dancing with the Stars.

According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Sparks and Heidi D’Amelio were in the bottom two in the competition, and the judges were split on who to save from elimination. But it ultimately came down to D’Amelio staying while Sparks was the one sent home.

Her fans were outraged and saddneed, with some saying the judging wasn't as far as it could have been.

“Not fair at all,” one wrote on Twitter. “That head judge tie-breaker BS needs to go as of now!!! If there’s a tie then the VIEWERS VOTES need to break it. Hell, they harp so much on us voting but ain’t using it to help.”

“I hate this voting system cause either way Len’s votes ends up being the only one that counts???” wrote a Redditor, according to Heavy. “Like it doesn’t make sense to me.”

Other fans were mad that Sparks received less votes than Vinny Guadagnino, who has been one of the most popular contestants despite his lack of dancing skill.

“The fact that [Jordin] lost her spot because of Jersey Shore fans makes me upset,” wrote one commenter, according to Heavy. Another included his partner Koko Iwasaki, writing on Reddit, “Love Vinny but it’s time to go. Koko can’t choreograph. [Jordin] didn’t deserve to go home tonight.”

Others felt it was D'Amelio's time to go,

One viewer tweeted, “Jordin has been a strong contestant this entire competition. Heidi has had low scores and been in the bottom two TWICE now. How was she saved over Jordin??”

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays at 8/7c live on Disney+.