Dancing with the Stars fans are not giving Tyra Banks any breaks, even after she reined back her outbursts and mistakes Tuesday night. Now, fans are calling out Banks’ mispronunciation of professional dancer Artem Chigvintsev’s name.

According to Good Housekeeping, Banks mispronounced his name on the Oct. 10 episode.

After Chigvintsev and his celebrity partner Heidi D'Amelio finished their Viennese Waltz, Banks mispronounced Chigvintsev's name on live television.

Nikki Bella, Chigvintsev’s wife and one-half of wrestling superteam The Bella Twins, wrote on Twitter, “Tyra it’s CHIGvintsev lol.”

Bella, who also serves as a judge on AGT: Extreme, had tons of her fans agree with her.

One wrote, "As a television host, she should know how to say it, regardless of whether or not she has heard it before!"

"All I'm gonna say is that Tom [Bergeron] & Erin [Andrews] never messed up this much!" wrote another viewer. "Tyra is not a good fit for #DancingWiththeStars."

Another person wrote that even Alfonso Ribeiro has made a mistake on live television--notably calling contestant and 'RuPaul's Drag Race' alum Shangela "Angela," the same name as his wife.

The commenter wrote, “Erin and Tom never made mistakes. I can’t with [Tyra].”

Despite Ribeiro's rare flubs, most fans still would rather Ribeiro host the show instead of Banks.

One wrote, “I wish they would just let @alfonso_ribeiro host. Just him. Tyra Banks [m]ay be a fine person but I don’t like her as a host of #dwts.”

Banks' tenure has host has been rocky from the near beginning.

Many ans getting frustrated with her antics, including overtalking people, offending fans (and potentially offending contestants) making mistakes with people’s names, and saying statements that don’t make much, if any, sense. However, on Tuesday’s episode, Banks straightened up after a disastrous Monday episode, despite seemingly placing the blame at the producers’ feet, a move she has done in the past. We’ll see how long this trend lasts.