If we held a competition for “Hardest Working Man In Showbiz” Danny Glover would probably make the top 10; seems like every other week, we’re announcing that he’s attached to star or co-star in some film or TV project. He’ll be on that list right alongside Samuel L. Jackson.

But anyway, Glover has joined the cast of the sci-fi thriller Mentryville, in a lead role, joining Taylor Handley, in a story set “at an off grid pharmaceutical testing facility. Danny Glover plays a renowned scientist that’s hired by the facility “to create a vaccine for a lethal airborne virus.

The plot gets further complicated when Taylor Handley’s character and some friends “go to help clean out the house of his hoarding grandmother and save her from eviction.

What do you think happens next?

Rounding out the rest of the cast are Margo Harshman, Beverley Mitchell, Tiffany Hines, Ryan Pinkston, and Fiona Hale.

On first look, I thought it might be just another Outbreak or Contagion. But a little digging revealed that the film was once called Spores, and another version of the synopsis reads: “A soldier takes on the underground laboratory who targeted his grandmother for their research project.

Paints a different picture when compared to the first synop, doesn’t it?

Given that, I assume Taylor Handley is the soldier, and Danny Glover works in the underground laboratory where Handley’s grandmother is being used for research.

Production is scheduled to start later this month in Los Angeles, with Jason R. Dudek (whose resume is full of mostly production assistant work, though this isn’t his debut) directing from his own script.