Martin Glover, Danny Glover's younger brother, has worked in the film industry since the early 1990s (according to his IMDB resume), assuming various behind the scenes roles on numerous projects (a few that older brother Danny starred in, like Predator 2, Lethal Weapon 4 and the very first Saw movie). 

He's directed a short film (this year actually) called Rising Sun (an family action-comedy), and he's now making his feature film directorial debut with a horror film called The Lighthouse, which Danny Glover co-stars in.

Currently shooting in central Florida, The Lighthouse is based on a script penned by Jeremiah Hatfield (who also goes by Jeremy Golden, and who's also serving as executive producer).

Here's how the synopsis reads:

In 1972 two men and two women fell to the bottom of the old lighthouse. Since then the rumors have spread that their spirits haven haunted the grounds, killing those who dare set foot inside. Now forty years later, Carrie, Trip, Nick, Kevin, Samantha, Derek, and Jessica have decided to go on a camping trip with the final day of their journey culminating at the lighthouse itself. Each of the group suffering from nightmares throughout the trip as they approach the lighthouse, knowing that something isn't right… Suspicion is created with every townsperson they meet urging to them to go to the lighthouse, especially the mayor Duncan. The rain pours as the group arrives, trapping them inside. Once the group disperses, the killings begin… Is it the spirits of the lighthouse returning once again to seek revenge their untimely deaths, one of the townspeople with an ulterior motive, or is one of the group not all that they seem?

Danny Glover plays Mayor Duncan. 

The starring cast of what the filmmakers dub a gritty, classic thriller, with a big twist, is comprised primarily of fresh faces to acting like Shane Hartline, WCW and WWF World Championship wrestler Kurt Angle, Gabriella Stone and writer Jeremiah Hatfield himself. 

Another veteran actor, Byron Cherry (The Dukes of Hazzard TV series) plays the town's sheriff. 

A release date hasn't been set yet, but I'd expected sometime in 2013.

The behind-the-scenes photo above is of Byron Cherry, Danny Glover, Kurt Angle, and Martin Glover.