David Mann is getting candid about his mental health and struggles over the years.

Known by many as Mr. Brown — the hilarious, crazy-dressed character made popular by Tyler Perry. Mann has delivered countless laughs over the years and has been a light many have needed in their time of darkness.

But like many people today, Mann has struggled with his mental health behind closed doors and recently opened up about this while appearing on The Tamron Hall Show.

David Mann shared when he realized he was struggling with mental health.

During his appearance on The Tamron Hall Show, Mann shared when he noticed he was struggling with his mental health.

“I just know one day I realized I don’t feel right and something is off,” he said. “And the only way that I could find relief was I would go into my office and just go to sleep. And that’s the only time I just could feel good.”

The actor decided to see help despite the stigma surrounding mental health.

Mann says he was embarrassed to open up publicly about about his depression but quickly realized that his story helped other people.

Because of the stigma that we have on it as Black men, as a community. And quite honestly, I was embarrassed. I was embarrassed, I was ashamed because, you know, I’m David Mann and I make the world laugh,” he shared. “But once I started to see how much I could help people with my story of depression, because that is something that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.”

Watch David Mann's interview alongside his wife, Tamela, below: