nullA fundraising campaign for a short project from director Royce Dunmore, titled Death, Daughters and Laugh Tracks.

Here’s how the synopsis reads:

Death, Daughters and Laugh Tracks tells the story of Jonathan, a deadbeat father who sleeps with countless women and who verges on the edge of alcoholism. He is divorced and he is rarely involved in his teenage daughter’s life due to the restrictions of his ex-wife and his own selfishness. Jonathan is now involved in a midlife crisis when he ponders suicide and how his daughter would feel about his death. Finally, at a point of loneliness and dissatisfaction with his life, Jonathan decides to take the opportunity of watching his daughter for one night in an attempt to amend their relationship. His goal is made more complicated however, when he finds out his daughter is suicidal due to a nasty break-up with a love interest.

The primarily NYU production team has 20 days left to raise $4,000.

Watch the video pitch below, and if you’d like to contribute to the campaign, click HERE to head over to its IndieGoGo page: