I'd say that the vast majority of new projects that are announced won't make it to the screen, for any number of reasons. Often it's due to a lack of financing.

Lately, I've been going through the S&A archives – deep into the archives, and even before S&A was born – revisiting old posts on projects that were announced at one time, long ago, but we've heard nothing of since those initial entries. 

And I thought I'd revisit some of those projects in new posts, if only to remind ourselves of them and provide any updates – especially those projects that looked like they could've been interesting, and maybe even worth pursuing at the time.

So this will be the first of many posts to come. I'll work to get updates on each project I revisit, however, I don't expect to always get answers on status, from those who are/were involved in each project. 

Announced in the summer of 2008, 4 years ago, was news that Djimon Hounsou had partnered with Dynamite Entertainment to star in and produce a bigscreen adaptation of the immortal sorcerer and central figure in the Conan the Barbarian and Kull comic books, known as Thulsa Doom.

The film was to be an origin story of the flawed hero.

Where is the project today? Beats me! 

It's still listed on Hounsou's IMDBPro page as an upcoming project, with the last update in 2010, saying that its development status was unknown.

Of course I went to Google to see what, if anything recent, I could find, but nothing really; just mentions that it's a project on Hounsou's slate.

It's hard to get updates on these things, unless the person (or people) involved happen to be on some press tour for some other film they're in, and a member of the media asks them about it.

But I'd guess that financing was (and still is) an issue.

Will we ever see it? Who knows. 

Even Dynamite Entertainment doesn't have any updates.

I can tell you that James Earl Jones portrayed a version of Thulsa Doom in 1982's Conan the Barbarian. If everything comes together, Djimon Hounsou will be giving him a 21st century spin.

Thulsa Doom has taken a few forms over the years, but he's primarily described as a powerful necromancer, and Kull's primary foe. He was often a featured foe in the Marvel Kull comics. And an army of so-called serpent men known as the Black Legion, are said to be loyal to him.

Let's see if this post generates any emails about the status of this film adaptation, as is often the case when I post items like this… if you know something, spill!